3×5 Historical U.S. Flags

3×5 Historical U.S. Flags


3′ x 5′

Header and Grommets are standard on horizontal message Flags


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Our flags are made from 200 Denier Nylon. The colors are Vat Dyed UV Resistant DuPont Ink. All of which are Made In The U.S.A.When you buy flags from us, you are buying the best quality available.

** Header and Grommets are standard on horizontal message Flags

Our flags are beautifully made. The smallest breeze brings them to life. Your flag will last several months, and in many cases we’ve had them last a year and sometimes longer. We have over 50 colors to choose from for your colored stripes.

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2nd National Confederate, 3rd National Confederate, Alamo, Bennington, Betsy Ross, Bonnie Blue, British Ensign, Bunker Hill, Continental, Culpepper, First Navy Jack, Fluer-De-Lis (Blue), Ft. Moultrie, Gadsden, Gonzales Banner of 1835, Grand Union, Green Mountain Boys, Guilford Courthouse, Kings Colors, Lions & Castles, Old Glory (48 Stars), Rhode Island Regiment, Spanish Cross, St. George Cross, Star Spangled Banner (15 Stars), Stars & Bars, Taunton, Texas Confederacy, Texas Under France, Texas Under Spain, US Civil War (34 Stars), Washington Cruisers


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